Through our partnerships with local agencies we have been able to secure several subcontracts which have allowed us to expand our programs and services. 

Robeson Healthcare Corporation

 2020-2023 RCORP Implementation Grant: $76,726.50

These funds were used for costs related to hiring a program coordinator, facilitating the Be Healthy, Be Smart, Don't Start Youth Education Program, the Recovery Ambassador Program, and National Recovery Month Activities. 

2021-2024 RCORP Psychostimulant Grant: $76,000

These funds were used for the hiring and ongoing professional development of Peer Support Specialists for the Recovery Care Coordination Program. 

2022-2024 NC DHHS Opioid Settlement-Mckinsey Grant: Approximately $240,000

Funding is provided to expand the Recovery Care Coordination program to Robeson County Detention Center via hiring a full-time case manager and peer support specialists.

University of North Carolina at Pembroke

2023-2028 SAMHSA-Recovery Courts of Robeson County Expansion Project: $40,000

These funds are utilized to provide ongoing support services for the participants of the Recovery Courts of Robeson County. 

2022-2024 Southeastern Prevention and Addiction Recovery Resource Center (SPARC): $7,500

SPARC provided a small discretionary stipened for Stop the Pain's participation in the Robeson Rural Communities Opioid Response Project. This included participation in monthly consortium and committee meetings, submitting requested programmatic data, and volunteering for consortium events. 

Robeson County, North Carolina

2024 Opioid Settlement Funding: $39,668.64

Grant funding for this project will be used to support existing recovery support and emergency housing based services for those impacted by opioid use disorder.