Kate B. Reynolds

General Operating Funds: 2020-2023 $247,500

The purpose of funds were to grow the agency from an administrative perspective. 

Systems Award: 2022-2025 $488,840

This funding was to provide general operating costs as well as to address the social determinants of health from a systems perspective.

Z. Smith Reynolds

Jail Diversion Program: 2020-2021-$20,000

The purpose of the funds were to develop a jail diversion program in partnership with the local criminal justice system. 

Cook Native American Ministries Foundation

Recovery Ambassador Program 2019-2020--$10,000

The purpose of these funds were to train local lay leaders in advocating for the Recovery community and provide mini-grants to support innovative projects or events. 

Sacred Hoop Talking Circle 2022-$5,820

The purpose of this funding was to support the development of a weekly talking circle to support individuals in their recovery journey. 

Conference Sponsorship: 2023-$3,000

 The purposes of these funds was to support PAWSS Inc. staff to attend the Native American Fatherhood and Families Association Conference in Phoenix, Arizona

Contingency Management: 2024-2025-$5,000

The purpose of these funds were to support the purchase of incentives for participants of the PAWSS, Inc. Recovery Care Coordination program. 

North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church Mission Seed Fund

Mission Seeds Fund: 2013-$5,000

Mission Seeds Fund: 2015-$3,500

Mission Seeds Fund: 2016-$7,000

Mission Seeds Fund: 2017-$9,500

Ethnic Local Church Grant: 2019-$6,000

The purpose of this funding was to implement a Pastoral training on Recovery for local faith leaders. 

Robeson County Arts Council

RCAC Annual Grant: 2020-$2,500

Funding was used for "My Stories," a recovery based writing workshop.