Kate B. Reynolds

General Operating Funds-2020-2023 $247,500

Purpose of funds were to grow the agency from an administrative perspective. 

Systems Award 2022-2025 $488,840

Funding to address the social determinants of health from a systems perspective

Z. Smith Reynolds

2020-2021-$20,000-Develop a diversion program in partnership with the local criminal justice system. 


Cook Native American Ministries Foundation

Provided several small programmatic grants: 

Recovery Ambassador Program 2019-2020--$10,000

Sacred Hoop Talking Circle 2022-$5,820

 Native American Fatherhood and Families Association Conference Sponsorship for staff-$3,000

North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church Mission Seed Fund

(A) 2013-$5,000

(B) 2015 -$3,500

(C) 2016-$7,000

(D) 2017-$9,500

(E) 2019-Ethnic Local Church Grant-$6,000-Used for a Pastoral training on Recovery for local faith leaders. 

RC Arts Council

2020-$2,500-Funding used for the "My Stories," a recovery based writing workshop.